RESTAURANT 411 is a full service consulting company. We offer assistance, guidance, expertise and the motivation you and your staff need to drive your business on its way to success…or equally important, keep it successful!

We offer consulting services in the following categories

• Staff Evaluations
• Staff Mediation
• Floor Plan Review
• Customer Safety
• Liquor Safety

• Menu Development
• Food Safety
• Quality Control
• Sanitation
• Policies and Procedures

• Incorporation
• Obtaining Tax ID
• Business Analysis
• Operating Licenses
• Marketing

• Job Fairs
• College Seminars
• Resume Services
• Interview Skills
• Education

management solutions for Culinary success


  • October 1, 2019
    7:46 pm

    Ahhhh, the lazy days of summer are quickly fading and the hint of a new season is finally here. I’m fortunate to live in a part of the country where I can see and feel the seasons change. I must admit, Autumn is by far, my personal favorite. No matter where your restaurant is located, it should reflect the feel of a new season... The change of a new season is the perfect opportunity to sit with your BOH staff and go over ways to bring the season into your establishment. It can be done most effectively with foods, spices


Meet laura

ServSafe® Trained

Hi, I’m Laura and I’ve had the privilege of working in the hospitality industry for over three decades…and YES, it has been my privilege! I learned the restaurant business from the ground up. I’ve done everything from bussing, table service, bartending, and eventually management.

It wasn’t a steady course for me, I spent several years in radio and even more in education, but somehow the restaurant business always seemed to call me back.Through the years, my resume runs from diners to upscale. I’ve matri’d weddings and managed corporate events

My ability to communicate and teach the details of building a successful restaurant is something I invite you take advantage of.

It would be my privilege to serve you, and help you find your business passion!

— Laura R. Moreno​ 

Owner of RESTAURANT 411

Minimize Expenses, Maximize Efficiency

Front of house

The Front of the House is where you make that all important first impression. This is the area that reflects the personality of your restaurant. This is where customers will see and experience your establishment. From the moment they walk in, they see your elegance or casual decor, your cleanliness and equally important, your attentiveness.

Provide your staff with valuable feedback regarding their individual and team performance. 

We will focus on areas that may need improvement and attention. We'll also build and promote staff development and overall business growth.


Provide insight and tools to continually build a positive work atmosphere.


We provide seminars to teach new concepts and techniques to your employees.


The layout of your dining area can have a dramatic impact on foot traffic, ambiance, and the overall flow of your restaurant.


The way orders are taken, the process of getting food from the kitchen to the dining area, and the turning of tables. Overall efficiency can be severely hampered by an improper supply of product and/or inadequate service set-up.


Well-documented procedures for your employees helps to put everyone on the same page so that expectations are clearly defined.


We can provide an independent review of your service so that areas of strength can be reinforced and areas that need improvement quickly identified.


Customer satisfaction is ultimately what drives your business. We can help establish a method for capturing customer feedback so that complaints and compliments can be followed up on.


Improper handling of food by your wait staff can cause accidents, injuries and increase the risk of food borne illnesses. We can help train your staff in the proper and safe way of handling the food that comes out of your kitchen.


Serving alcoholic beverages can be both lucrative and risky. Let us help you reduce the risk of incidents, violations and indiscretion through liquor safety training.


It's one thing to have great food, it's another to present those options to your customers in an organized, logical and intuitive manner. Let us help you design (or re-design) your menu today!


A kitchen designed without layout efficiency in mind is a recipe for failure, if not disaster!


Keep your customers safe from food borne illnesses by establishing rigid food safety procedures in the kitchen.


Let us help you find quality sources for your ingredients and food products.


A disorganized kitchen, pantry, and/or backroom can quickly lead to a host of problems, such as stock shortages, expired items, workflow inefficiencies and long wait times for your guests.


A well-educated kitchen staff will become more independent, recognize and correct inefficiencies, and solve problems more quickly.


Properly marking expiration dates, following strict rotation rules and recognizing low-quality products is key to guaranteeing you serve only the best!


Cleanliness goes far beyond just how you handle food in the kitchen. Attention paid to overall sanitation in your kitchen, backroom and pantry is key to preventing a sanitation catastrophe.


Documenting and enforcing strict policies and procedures for your kitchen staff will help ensure that your establishment runs smoothly.


Back of House

The Back of the House significantly defines your restaurant. This is your kitchen, where all the food you present is being prepped and prepared. Your kitchen is in many ways the heart of your business. If the food isn’t good, the customers aren’t there. There are lots of details that need to be taken care of in the BOH and RESTAURANT 411 can help with some key areas.

Business Management

Yes, you may have a passion for creating the food and the ambiance, but there is no mistaking that your restaurant is a business. This is the behind the scene stuff, that is ultimately the pulse of your restaurant. RESTAURANT 411 can help you gain the business edge and savvy you need to stay in control of your business.

Need to get started from scratch? Let us help you navigate the complexities of getting your business legally incorporated so you can start operating ASAP!


After incorporating your business you will need to obtain a tax ID in order to hire and pay employees.


In business it is crucial to have a written plan, and we can guide you through the process of composing one. A business plan is a formal statement of your goals and how you intend to accomplish those goals.


We can help you determine how your tax obligations will affect your business plan and bottom line. Avoid filing penalties, estimate quarterly tax payments and be prepared for a potential audit.


We can help you by taking a look at where your business currently stands. We offer our analysis and suggestions to cut unneeded expenses, choose wise investments and stay in the black.


A streamlined payroll system is important to make sure employees are paid correctly and on-time. We can help setup a payroll system that takes the headaches out of doing payroll.


Operating a restaurant business requires certain licenses. We'll help you determine exactly which licenses are needed in your local municipality. 


Utilizing the power of social media platforms can help take your restaurant to the next level. Let us show you how to set up and manage social media profiles in order to increase online customer engagement.


Getting the word out is vital to acquiring new customers and increasing the frequency of return visitors. We can help you develop effective ad campaigns and other marketing strategies.


Make your restaurant's brand iconic and distinguishable. We can help you design eye-catching signage and a unique logo.


We offer several presentation packages that can be customized for your job fair needs. We also offer assistance with set up and management of your job fair.


Would you like us to give a seminar at your college? We can offer seminars about culinary industry careers, entrepreneurship, job-searching and much more!


Learning how to be an effective leader is a skill that translates to every aspect of your life. Let us help you develop and hone your leadership skills today.


From templates, to content and organization, we can help you build your resume to stand out from the crowd. We can also review your existing resume and offer advice for changes and/or improvements. 


We offer mock interviews as well as seminars in how to build your interview skills. Furthermore, we can offer tips and advice on how to dress and compose yourself for an interview.


Don't know where to go next to further your education? We can consult with you one-on-one to help you determine what your educational options are and which ones may work best for your situation.


Youth Empowerment

Here at RESTAURANT 411 we believe that empowering the upcoming generation is of the utmost importance. We offer advice for resume writing, job interview skills, finding internships and entrepreneurship.

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