Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Written by Laura Moreno

So, just when you think your business is running along just fine – BAM! Employee turnover. What is happening? People seem to be leaving left and right (out the door!) Ouch! It feels like a breakup – and breaking up is hard to do…

Maintaining a steady and capable staff is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. In any enterprise – there will always be a percentage of turnover, but restaurants by nature, tend to be a bit more transient. There is the college student just working their way through school, or the cliche: an actor waiting tables while waiting for their big break… you get the idea… However, losing employees is unsettling to both you and your customers. Seeing change on a semi-regular basis sends up warning flares – too many employees in and out OR losing a few true and steady employees will make customers question why – and quite frankly they shouldn’t be the only ones questioning!

Remember the days when you were wooing that certain chef? You talked up all the perks you could offer. You promised that certain employee growth, and new opportunities… Did you make good on those promises? Did you keep your word? Some people leave for a different path, but according to an article on – some of the top reasons why employees break-up with their bosses:

1) undervalued 2) overworked 3) not growing in skill or pay 4) employer breaking promises 5) playing favorites

So, as an owner or GM – what is YOUR accountability? Do your employees (ALL OF THEM) know how important they are? Do you offer them a good work/play balance. No one wants to work 60+ hours a week, and continually miss their kid’s birthdays and other life events. Are they constantly being challenged and receiving on-going training so they can reach their fullest potential? Did you promise an employee a promotion, raise, opportunity and NOT make good on it? Do you favor one over another? Trust me when I say this – employees know when they are being shunned, forgotten, and overlooked. Your loss will be someone else’s gain.

Losing a good employee is losing the chance to propel your business to deserved levels of excellence… value a work relationship as you would any other. After all, breaking up is hard to do…


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