Mi Casa es Su Casa

Written by Laura Moreno

Mi casa es su casa – translation: my house is your house. This is a wonderful sentiment for any business… welcome to our home and all the warm comforts that come with visiting someone’s home. This can also be the very root of your problem as to why guests are NOT coming to dine at your dwelling…

Treating your business too much like your living room can lose you considerable business. This is something individual smaller restaurants need to constantly keep in mind. Customers enjoy the friendliness and personal attention that comes with the mom and pop set ups. However, customers don’t want to be part of the chaos that comes with every home. I’ve seen a young owner with his kids literally roller skating in the restaurant. I’ve seen the family dog making a quick trot through the dining room and believe it or not – grandpa clipping his nails bar side! Yep, that one was really gross! It’s worth noting – these are ALL huge violations in the food industry. I’ve heard owners sharing their passionate political views, employees using profanity like it’s their side business, and quite frankly conversations and comments that are beyond PG-13. Again, huge violations in ​any ​business!

Your kids may be the cutest but diners don’t want to eat in their personal playground! If you’re a die hard democrat on your soapbox, you risk losing a percentage of customers who may or may not agree with your politics but don’t want to hear your rhetoric. The colorful language can offend the young family or the more conservative couple dining in your establishment. It’s quite simple… ​if it can offend – make it end!!! ​Small businesses need to think like the big guys. The chain operations have strict rules of what is acceptable from management and employees alike. Bottom line: Respect your customers! The customer’s experience is all that matters and a positive experience equals happy customers and steady revenue.

Having a small independent restaurant allows you to reach people on a different level. Customers get to know and connect with owners, their families and employees. It’s a place where deep rooted friendships with neighbors and community can and should prosper. So welcome your guests to your home and make sure they are always comfortable AND respected.

Here’s to success!

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