Who’s On First...?

Written by Laura Moreno
In honor of baseball season…
It’s a Friday night and your restaurant is in full swing. Take Out has a line out the door, Dine In
has a wait list, Deliveries are strong and steady and the kitchen is knee deep in tickets. This is
the scenario every restaurant owner wants on a Friday night and for that matter every other
night. So the game is on and the bases (stations) are loaded but do you know your players?
Who’s the strength, who’s the calm in the possible storm, who’s the steady and who’s the weak
Of course, we hope the game will go smoothly and every transaction will be a home run, but
that’s not always possible given the volume that any restaurant can produce. Even your all star
baseball teams make errors: some, they can recover from and others cost them the game.
So, as an owner/manager – do you know your team? Do you know them well enough to draft the
strongest line up. Make sure you have speed, accuracy and friendliness at your counter. Make
sure you have charm and efficiency on your floor. Make sure you have fast hands and
consistency in your kitchen. Speed and thoroughness at your dish washing station is just as
important. If there is a newer or not up to speed team member, pair them with experience and
allow them to learn the way we all learn – by making some rookie mistakes. Every player matters
to winning the service game.
Once the service game is underway, it becomes the owner and manager’s responsibility to keep
that team motivated and positive for the next 5+ hours. Even when things may be less than
stellar, your team needs to know that you constantly believe in them. You have to make sure
they start strong and finish equally strong. Remember your team will always take their cues from
the top – if you are a positive consistent presence – they will follow your lead. On the other hand
– if you’re the negative annoyed presence – well, you get the picture…
So, in honor of spring and baseball season – know your team, motivate your team and play ball!
Here’s to success..

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